It’s okay

It’s okay to feel Angry sometimes

In life you have some people in your office, in your friend circle or in your family who always tries to get you down, who tries to manipulate you mentally.


You feel angry due to this, Your day suffers, your mental peace suffers, your health suffers.


What to do in that case?


Because you cannot throw them out completely from your life. So, what can be done in that case?


What I do I would like to share with you all:)


You cannot completely cut them out of your life because they can be your family members also, your office colleagues or anyone that is close to you & you cannot cut them out.


But what you can do is make sure that because of them your mental peace does not suffer, your health does not suffer, your day does not suffer.


You cannot ignore or cut them out physically but you can do in your mind. I mean that how many of us actually do that if someone says anything to you, You take it very seriously that your mind suffers and you cannot concentrate on other things.


But nobody thinks that If someone has said something to you. They are not suffering because they have said something that you don’t like or something that hurts you, but you are suffering.


You only have to realize that it is you, only you who is SUFFERING.


So, whose loss is this?


Theirs or Yours?


Once you realize this, you are one step close to your MENTAL PEACE.


But only ONE step? Some of you might be thinking that why only one step, How to completely achieve the thing that if someone has said to you something, It will not affect you.


How to do that?


Well the answer is if someone has said something to you, it will affect you because you are a human being not an animal even animals feel pain. Affecting is a sign that you are sane.


So, it’s totally okay to feel angry.


It happens but what matters is that it does not affect you for a LONG time.


Yes, you heard that correct if anything is there in your mind for a long time then, the chance is that you will suffer more. 


There is a hidden power in the emotion of ANGER.


What Really, NO




There is no hidden power in the emotion.


You are wrong. There is power. 


What kind of power, you might be thinking right?


Let me take an example, when you are angry all of you have observed that your energy is concentrated at the center that is heart. When you feel pain your energy is concentrated at one single point, the heart.


When you realize that then, BANG ON you have discovered your hidden power.


What is the use of knowing this, and what is the use of this?


The use of this is when your whole concentration & energy is at one point.


At that time if you do something, your work which you are passionate about, or anything which you like.




Yes, you heard that correctly.


Some people will say that anger is bad.


But what is ANGER?


It is an Energy basically & Energy in its any form is neither constructive nor destructive.


It is us who have to decide whether we want to use this energy in a constructive way or in a destructive way. 


It is the choice of OURS.


I would say that anger is good if you know how to channelize it. 


So, If you channelize your anger into your work then something extraordinary will come out of it.


And you won’t regret getting anger out of you because now you know how to put it in a new DIRECTION:)


Even though I was angry & feeling this energy of doing something while writing this article.


And what did I do?


Wrote this Article and channelized my energy into writing and after writing this article I feel much relieved & relaxed.


And I hope that my words will also connect to you.


So, it’s okay to feel Angry sometimes.


Let me know in the comments what you think about this. I will be more than happy to know your thoughts & suggestions.


Thank you so much for reading till the END.



Shivangi Singh

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