How to write a blog

How to write a blog?

What is a Blog?

Blog is a single piece of content published on a blog/website . A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. A blog has various types you will know about it later in this Blog itself.


How to write a blog for beginners?

You can write Blog very easily but the main step is to start. When you start automatically you will begin to write something. In the steps below I had breakdown the things in which you can actually start to learn how to write a blog.

  • Setup your blog: You can setup your blog by firstly creating your website. In that you can create several articles/blogs. You can start with start 250-300 words first then slowly you can increase your words.
  • Blogging without your own website: You can use other platforms for your blogs example. I am going to tell you about how to start writing on medium later in this blog. So, keep reading:)
  • How to write Blog titles: Choose your topic which you want to write about search from the headline generator tools or you can write by your own thoughts and imagination.

– You can use Portent, Hubspot and various headline generating tools.

  • Write an outline: After choosing any topic create an outline for the blog post that what are the titles and key points which you want to show in your blog. An Outline makes things easier as you can start writing your blog. 
  • Hook your readers and keep them scrolling to the End: The main thing is to hook your readers to the end. You have to create a hook that it will create an impact on your target audience. When your audience enjoys reading your blog automatically that blog will gain traffic from the internet.
  • Give your readers a solid call to action: You can your readers to send an email and comment your thoughts below to know about your readers and engaging them that they will take action towards your content.
  • Don’t forget to edit and proofread: You have to check and re-read your entire blog before publishing it. You can make changes later but confirm before you publish it.
  • Enhance your blog post with engaging, relevant images: You can use images related to your blog post. but remember only to use free images from free stock image websites like Pixabay, unsplash, Pexels and many more or you can create on Canva.
  • Use SEO strategies to reach a wider audience: Keep your post neat and clean. Don’t use paragraphs you can use points so that anyone can read easily. Use keywords for latest trending words to use in your blog. These are some SEO techniques.
  • Provide summary: You can give summary of your content so that it will create a better impact on the audience.


“Content is nothing but showing your creativity through words”


Types of Famous Blogs to start your Blogging Journey with:

There are 600 Million active blogs on internet today.

You can create blogs to inspire people, to show your journey, to educate and to connect with different peoples across the world. These are some blogs to start with:

  • Food Blogs
  • TravelBlogs
  • Health & Fitness blog
  • Lifestyle Blog
  • Fashion & Beauty Blogs
  • Photography Blogs
  • Personal Blog
  • DIY Craft Blogs
  • Parenting Blogs
  • Music Blogs
  • Business Blog
  • Art & Design Blog
  • Books & writing Blog
  • Personal Finance Blogs
  • Interior Design Blogs
  • Sports Blog
  • News Blogs
  • Political Blogs
  • Story Blogs
  • Corporate Blog
  • Niche Blog
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Pet Blog
  • Cars Blog
  • Motorcycle Blogs and etc

How to start writing on Medium?

First, make a free account. Then, to create a story, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the page, then “Write a Story.” You can also watch my medium article on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing as well. You can start writing on Medium by seeing how other writers are writing their content on it. The process to write on medium is very simple there are lots of tools also in medium that can actually make look your blog more beautiful and eye catchy. I will write a separate blog on medium review and how to write on medium and that article will be of detailed explanation about medium blogs.

Is writing on medium worth it?

Yes, Medium is worth it for new writers, too. You can get paid to get better at writing, build your audience, and write on topics that interest you. If you are just starting out on Medium, you will need 100 followers and one published Medium article to join the Medium Partner Program (and start earning money).

Tips for writing a great blog post:

  • Keep it conversational: You have to keep your blog conversational like you can ask questions and also ask them to write a review about your blog.
  • Research trending keywords: You can use trending keywords so that people when search for a particular phrase or word your blog will show up. You can use various keyword search tools as well.
  • Cut down walls of text: You have to cut down walls of text as to hook your readers to end. You can use bullet points, short phrases etc because people don’t really like long paragraph articles.
  • Whatever you write, do it with confidence: The last point is that whatever you write just have a faith in yourself and write it with confidence. Don’t worry too much about perfection at beginning. You will gain perfection with time and writing lots of blogs. So, Be yourself and start writing.

So, By the end of this you have gotten an idea about how to write a blog and start blogging. If you have gotten this far that means you are a true learner. Thank you so much for reading this till now. If you have any questions about any topic that I had covered or not please let me know.


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